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Webinar Jam review of a powerful & effortlessly simple to use Webinar and web video conference software solution to push your business up a Gear?

webinar jam customer reviews

If we are to belief what we read then live stream broadcasts, video conferencing and webinars got an adrenalin boost with the launch in early 2014 of a powerful webinar software suite that seamlessly integrates with Google Hangouts.

And as of the beginning of April 2015, the team at Webinar Jam released the new updated version called webinar Jam Studio, which is even better than many expected with some very advanced features for greater audience engagement. Go here to see what’s in Webinar Jam Studio.

Webinar Jam Review 2015

If you looking for an up-to-date review of webinar Jam as at 2016, then in addition to the information below, you need to head over to the review of webinar Jam Studio as mentioned above, which is the latest most up-to-date version of the webinar jam platform and service.  Click here to learn more.

Webinar Jam effectively sits on top of the Google Hangouts platform to acting as an online controller that not only enhances Google Hangout functionality but makes it much easier to use. The bottom line is that it fills in the holes and weaknesses of Google Hangouts as a webinar and video conferencing software solution and service.

In this detailed Webinar Jam review, we pick apart this software to reveal what’s really under the hood.

So What’s With Webinar Jam?

On paper Webinar Jam sounds like a formidable top contender for entrepreneurs or businesses that want to exploit live video broadcasting in their business.

It adds extra zest to webinar events by enhancing live engagement with some neat out of the box tools, expands online viral reach via Google Hangouts and Google+, and gives webinar hosts the ability to insert product or service offers and upsells to webinar attendees, right inside the live broadcast window, making it much easier to sell things directly from a webinar.

But what impresses us most from a marketing and business perspective, if you’re looking to sell stuff online or get greater exposure, is Webinar Jam ‘s ability to exploit the social and ranking prowess of Google Hangouts as the live stream broadcasts and recordings can be seen on both Youtube and in Google+, two social platforms with high authority – and which Google owns – that instantly gives you 2 powerful backlinks and a tap into more online exposure and web traffic. And who wouldn’t want more exposure and traffic?

The platform also comes with many of the bells and whistles that you typically find with some of the best webinar and web video conferencing software platforms on the market today, which gives this platform such a powerful punch.

And if that wasn’t enticing enough, webinar jam’s webinar software makes it extremely easy and non-technical to setup and broadcast live video events, which can be viewed all around the world. This viral reach will be particularly appealing to those looking to maximise their audience reach and brand exposure online, whether at a local, national or international level.

Webinar Jam Is Not Without Its Problems

Bad customer reviews for webinar jamThings are not all rosy for webinarjam. As with many new software solutions and products on the market, webinar jam does appear to have gone through a teething phase.

Early on during its launch many customers complained that they could not get the software to work and others reported that they had no problems at all.

It is a common issue with software solutions that purport to be universally compatible on all devices, operating systems and web browsers.

And while this service is not a software that needs to be downloaded to your computer, it is browser based, so you will have to download a browser app, which means there’s always a possibility that things may not work as they should. The problem is that every computer  is setup differently and conflicts can arise with other browser plugins that have been installed on the computer. However,  a simple process of elimination should be able to quickly identify where the problem lies and a fix implemented without too much pain.

That being said, it appears that the team at Webinarjam have been working hard to working through many of these teething issues experienced by the early adopters of this webinar service.

Support desk issues haven’t helped the company’s image either. Many customers have complained in the past about very slow response times in replying to open tickets. If this is still the case today, we would love to hear from you so we can update new customers on the current position.

Of course, Webinarjam’s use of the Google Hangouts platform will not be for everyone.

The most often cited criticism is the delay in interaction between the presenter and the audience i.e. a time lag. This delay can vary. It can be between 3 to 4 seconds, to on occasion, as much as 12 seconds. This can be problematic for some presenters whose presentational style is to bounce off audience engagement.

So if your webinar presentations tend to be more conversational in style and rely more on getting immediate feedback from the audience, then Webinarjam may not be for you. If however, your presentation style is more traditional i.e. giving a presentation (e.g. on powerpoint) and then doing a question and answer session at the end, then Webinar Jam is a very good choice.

For those of you however that need a webinar software solution with fast live-streaming for instant attendee engagement that utilises Amazon super fast AWS’s servers, yet still have all the key features offered by Webinarjam, but be a lot cheaper than GoToWebinar, then you might what to check a new webinar platform and service by clicking the above link you see in this paragraph.

One caveat however, since we’ve not tested it ourselves we remain neutral on whether it is a good alternative to Webinarjam. So we suggest that if you want to give it a try make sure you make full use of the 30 day risk-free trial.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Webinar Jam?

Well, putting aside the teething issues just discussed, the good news is that yes, there are some very powerful benefits and features packed into Webinar Jam’s web conferencing software solution, which is clearly reflected in the huge take up rate of this webinar solution by users of webinars. Lets take a closer look:

Unlimited Webinar Attendees & Video Conference Broadcasts

No Webinar Caps

Unlike many other webinar platforms, you can run an unrestricted number of web conferences and live events, plus invite as many webinar attendees as you like because there are NO LIMITS with WebinarJam’s platform.

Webinar Software Cost

The cost of this software service is extremely competitive too. You no longer have to worry about expensive reoccurring monthly charges or costs that only keep rising with the number of attendees which is a headache of many other software solutions.

There is NO expensive monthly billing, just one low annual fee, which is much lower than you might think, making this one of the most affordable webinar software solutions on the market today, yet punching well above its weight compared to more expensive alternatives like GoToWebinar. Check out our discount and pricing page for the current best Webinar Jam Pricing.

Live Web Video Conferencing Is Now Simple To Set-Up & Broadcast

Professionally designed webinar landing page templates

The set-up couldn’t be easier – it really is a breeze, even for those that have little technical acumen.

The software service comes with done-for-you professionally designed landing page templates that can be set up in minutes from which you can stream your live broadcasts on your own website or blog, if you wish.

So now, without any technical expertise, you can set-up and broadcast your own live web video event with ease, making you look like a hero, put to shame even some professional fortune 500 companies.

Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux Computers, all Types of Browsers & Is Mobile Compatible

Because there’s no complicated software to download, just a simple browser plugin, it’s fully compatible with any operating system, windows or Mac, and any web browser. It also works on any mobile device. However, as we mentioned, with any browser based software some customers may initially experience problems if there is a conflict with any other browser plugin that they have on their computer. However, its a problem that ought to be easily resolved.

The result of this universal compatibility means that potentially you can reach a much wider audience, since neither you nor your target audience have to download software in order to watch the live webinar, or suffer with compatibility problems e.g. wrong browser or operating system. In fact for some potential attendees, the idea of having to download software to their computer to watch a live broadcast will be off-putting not to mention just plan irritating.

Simple Copy & Paste Or Point & Click Webinar Software

Simple Copy & paste technology

With just a few of clicks, some copy and paste or point and click, you could have your very own live web event broadcast. You can have professionally looking webinar pages up in minutes.

So there can be no more excuses why you can’t include webinars and live web video events as part of your sales and marketing arsenal.

Keep Your Webinar Attendees Engaged & Attentive With Dynamic & Versatile Video Presentations

Live broadcast options that allow you to change broadcasting signal types

Webinar Jam’s live broadcasting platform is dynamic and versatile.

You can broadcast your webinar presentation from your webcam, your desktop, your powerpoint, your internet browser or any other application you want. You choose how you want to broadcast your live webinar presentation.

And as the system is predicated on Google’s rock-solid Hangouts platform, switching back and forth between your different broadcasting signals, on-the-fly and in real time, e.g between your webcam and your internet browser, is easy.

This presentational versatility makes keeping your audience engaged, attentive and interested, a walk in the park.

Broadcast Your Public Webinar Event To The World

President Obama on a Google Hangout Video Conference

Because Webinar Jam is seamlessly integrated with Google Hangouts and Google+, you instantly benefit from a very powerful and quite unique feature that can potentially supercharge your public webinar events.

The President of the United States, President Obama, uses Google Hangouts for live conferences.

Even Movie producer, Steven Speilberg and Hollywood is bowing to the power of Google Hangouts.

With Webinar Jam your live broadcasts can now exploit the viral and ranking power of a Google Hangout which at the moment outranks normal youtube videos.

Webinar Software that Streams on Youtube & Google+

So now not only can you set up live broadcasts that stream directly inside Youtube and Google+,  you can even have your recordings hosted on your own YouTube Channel with just a few simple clicks.

Stream Live Webinars Inside of Facebook

If you have social platforms like Facebook, then why not stream your live webinar broadcast right inside your Facebook Page, which can then be shared virally to audiences on Facebook where people just love to Like, Share and comment!

An Endless number of possibilities limited only by one’s own imagination.

Video Customer Reviews of Webinar Jam

With powerful webinar infrastructure and Google Hangouts integration, this new platform offers one of the most versatile and virally shareable live web video solutions on the market today, at a cost that is much less than you might think.

But it can do much more than I have explained here!

Like to browse more features or to give it a spin on a 30-day FREE trial without obligation and at no risk to you? Click the browse button below.

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