Webinar Jam Review – Next Generation Software Solution?

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Webinar Jam review of a powerful & effortlessly simple to use Webinar and web video conference software solution to push your business up a Gear?

webinar jam customer reviews

If we are to belief what we read then live stream broadcasts, video conferencing and webinars received an adrenalin boost with the launch in early 2014 of a powerful webinar software suite that seamlessly integrated with Google Hangouts called Webinarjam.

The software then received a big update in April 2015, with the release of Webinar Jam Studio, which introduced some very advanced and innovative features.

And being a market leader in some of the most advanced features that you'll find in a webinar service, Webinar Jam is once again in the process of getting a big makeover with its latest update, due out in the second quarter of 2017.  You can check out the review on Webinar Jam Studio 2017 for a closer look some of the key changes including the announcement that WebinarJam will be moving away from using Google Hangouts to host and broadcast webinars. This is a big deal and very good news for existing and new customer of their service.

For the Most Up-to-date Review of Webinar Jam

If you're looking for an up-to-date review of the software as at 2017, then in addition to the information below, you need to head over to the review of webinar Jam Studio as mentioned above, which is the latest most up-to-date version of the webinar jam platform and service.  You can click here to learn more.

Webinar Jam & the first release of WebinarJam Studio acted like an online controller for Google Hangouts platform that not only enhanced the Google Hangout functionality but made it much easier to use. The bottom line was that it filled in the holes and shortcomings of the Google Hangouts platform to turn it into a robust webinar and video conferencing platform with a plethora of innovative features thrown in.

However, it seems that Webinarjam outgrow Google Hangouts because the new version, now publicly available will no longer be dependant on Google Hangouts on Air for hosting and broadcasting, a move which has a lot of positives for new and existing customers.

So in this comprehensive review, together with the updates and feature profile that we provide on the Webinarjam Studio page, we pick apart the software to reveal what's really under the hood. And we don't think you going to be disappointed.

So What's With Webinar Jam?

On paper Webinar Jam sounds like a formidable top contender for entrepreneurs or businesses that want to exploit live video broadcasting in their business.

It adds extra zest to webinar events by enhancing live engagement with some neat out of the box tools. It expands online viral reach via Youtube live and Google+, and gives webinar hosts the ability to insert product or service offers and upsells to webinar attendees, right inside the live broadcast window, making it much easier to sell things directly live on the webinar.

The platform also comes with many of the bells and whistles that you typically find with some of the best webinar and web video conferencing software platforms on the market today, which gives this platform such a powerful punch.

And if that wasn't enticing enough, the webinar platform makes it extremely easy and non-technical to setup and broadcast live video events, which can be viewed any where in the world. This viral reach will be particularly appealing to those looking to maximise their audience reach and brand exposure online, whether at a local, national or international level.

Webinar Jam Not Without Its Problems

Webinar Jam gets bad customer reviewsThings have not been all rosy for webinarjam inc. As with many new software solutions and products on the market, the company have been through a number of teething phases.

Early on during its launch many customers complained that they could not get the software to work, while others reported that they had no problems at all.

It is a common issue with software solutions that purport to be universally compatible on all devices, operating systems and web browsers and that are heavily dependant on a third party, namely Google, for the hosting and broadcasting of its webinars.

And while this service is not a software that needs to be downloaded to your computer, it is browser based, so you will have to download a browser app, which inevitably raises the possibility that things may not work as they should. That's due to the fact that everybody's computer setup is different and conflicts can arise with other browser plugins that may already be installed on your computer. However, once these issues are weeded out, there shouldn't be any other problems.

That being said, it appears that the team have been working hard to working through many of these teething issues that experienced by the early adopters of this webinar service. And certainly, after the latest 2017 updates are rolled ouit to all existing and new customers, such issues should be a thing of the past.

Support desk issues haven't helped the company's image either. Many customers have complained about very slow response times in replying to open tickets. If this is still the case today, we would love to hear from you so we can update new customers on the current position.

However, we understand that the company has set up hot button help icons for each step of the set up  process which should speed up replies to inquiries and get customers up and running with their first few webinars.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Webinar Jam?

Well, putting aside the teething issues just discussed, the good news is that yes, there are some very powerful benefits and features packed into Webinar Jam's web conferencing software solution, which is clearly reflected in the huge take up rate for this service by users of webinars. So lets take a closer look at some of the more fundamental aspects of the service and then don't forget to head over the the Webinarjam Studio page:-

Unlimited Webinar Attendees & Video Conference Broadcasts

Webinarjam software allows unlimited webinar broadcasts

Unlimited Webinar Broadcasts

Unlike many other webinar platforms, you can run an unrestricted number of web conferences and live events, plus invite as many webinar attendees as you like because there are NO LIMITS with WebinarJam's platform.

Webinar Software Cost

The cost of the service is extremely competitive too. You no longer have to worry about expensive reoccurring monthly charges or costs that only keep rising with the number of attendees which is a headache of many other software solutions.

There is NO expensive monthly billing, just one low annual fee, which is much lower than you might think, making this one of the most affordable webinar software solutions on the market today, yet punching well above its weight compared to more expensive alternatives like the GoToWebinar service. Check out our discount and pricing page for the current best Webinar Jam Pricing.

Live Web Video Conferencing Is Now Simple To Set-Up & Broadcast

Professionally Designed Webinar Registration Page Templates

Professionally designed pages

The set-up couldn't be easier - it really is a breeze, even for those that have little technical acumen.

The software service comes with done-for-you professionally designed landing page templates that can be set up in minutes from which you can stream your live broadcasts on your own website or blog, if you wish.

So now, without any technical expertise, you can set-up and broadcast your own live web video event with ease, making you look like a hero, putting to shame even some professional fortune 500 companies.

Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux Computers, all Types of Browsers & Is Mobile Compatible

Because there's no complicated software to download, just a simple browser plugin, it's fully compatible with any operating system, windows or Mac, and any web browser. It also works on any mobile device. However, as we mentioned, with any browser based software some customers may initially experience problems if there is a conflict with any other browser plugin that they have on their computer. However, its a problem that ought to be easily resolved.

The result of this universal compatibility means that potentially you can reach a much wider audience, since neither you nor your target audience have to download software in order to watch the live webinar, or suffer with compatibility problems e.g. wrong browser or operating system. In fact for some potential attendees, the idea of having to download software to their computer to watch a live broadcast will be off-putting not to mention just plan irritating.

Simple Copy & Paste Or Point & Click Webinar Software

With just a few of clicks, some copy and paste or point and click, you could have your very own live web event broadcast. You can have professionally looking webinar pages up in minutes.

So there can be no more excuses why you can't include webinars and live web video events as part of your sales and marketing arsenal.

Keep Your Webinar Attendees Engaged & Attentive With Dynamic & Versatile Video Presentations

software allows you to use different live broadcasting signals

Share any broadcasting screen

Webinar Jam's live broadcasting platform is dynamic and versatile.

You can broadcast your webinar presentation from your webcam, your desktop, your powerpoint, your internet browser or any other application you want. You choose how you want to broadcast your live webinar presentation.

And switching back and forth between your different broadcasting signals, on-the-fly and in real time, e.g between your webcam and your internet browser, is very easy to do, which makes for a much more interesting and engaging webinar presentation.

This presentational versatility makes keeping your audience engaged, attentive and interested, a walk in the park.

Broadcast Your Public Webinar Event To The World

President Obama used Google Hangouts

US President Using Hangouts as a Webinar Platform

While Webinar Jam is in the process of moving away from Hangouts to broadcast and host it's webinars, that is not to say that you should not continue to exploit Google + and or Youtube for your live and recorded webinars. Both these platforms owned by Google are not only a high domain authority backlink that you can exploit, but they also provide powerful and quite unique features that can potentially supercharge your public webinar events.

The President of the United States, President Obama, used Google Hangouts for live conferences, which says a lot about the potential power of streaming live events online.

Even Movie producer, Steven Speilberg and Hollywood bowed to the power of Google Hangouts.

Webinar Software that You Can Stream on Youtube & Google+

So now not only can you set up live broadcasts that stream directly inside Youtube and Google+,  you can even have your recordings hosted on your own YouTube Channel with just a few simple clicks.

Stream Live Webinars Inside of Facebook

If you have social platforms like Facebook, then why not stream your live webinar broadcast right inside your Facebook Page, which can then be shared virally to audiences on Facebook where people just love to Like, Share and comment!

And if you haven't yet read the latest updates for this webinar service, go check out the Studio page where you will learn about Webinarjam's integration of Facebook Live videos that allow you to stream your webinar's right inside the Facebook feed.

There's an Endless number of possibilities limited only by one's own imagination.

Video Customer Reviews of WebinarJam


With powerful webinar infrastructure, this new platform offers one of the most versatile and virally shareable live web video solutions on the market today, at a cost that is much less than you might think with performance on a par with many of the more expensive webinar services.

But it can do much more than I have explained here!

If you would like to browse more features or to give it a test run on a 30-day FREE trial without obligation and at no risk to you, click the browse button below.

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