Webinar Marketing Best Practices - Tips & Strategies For a Knockout Webinar

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There's a specific process and structure to running successful webinars, formulated over time by trial and error and through continual testing. And who better to learn these processes and structures from than 2 experts who are themselves marketers and webinar software developers, and who've been around online since, well since the internet was still very much in its infancy.

Step by step webinar blueprints

Step by step blueprints

These 2 individuals are Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime of Marketing Genesis and they have broken down the process of marketing with webinars into a simple-to-follow blueprint based on their past history and success (and many failures) in running hundreds of webinars over the years, which include some 6 and 7 figure webinar successes.

Below is a summary of some of the key steps and processes to running successful webinars, plus some webinar marketing tips and strategies as taught by Andy and Mike in their advanced webinar marketing training program called Webinar Genesis. And right now, as at the time of writing this article, Webinar Gensis is being offered free for a limited time, to new customers of Webinar Jam, their flagship webinar software platform (you can learn more about that here).

So What Is The Webinar Step-By-Step Blueprint?

Well, as mentioned above, there's a precise process to running a successful webinar, especially if the focus of your webinars is marketing and sells of your product or service.

A 4 step webinar marketing blueprintThis process can be broken down into 4 basic steps:

  • Get the right visitor in the exact right frame of mind to your webinar registration landing page.
  • Get your prospects to register for your webinar - you need to get them in the right frame of mind so that they are practically begging to get on your webinar.
  • You then have to follow up with your registrants with an anticipation sequence, which Andy & Mike call the indoctrination email sequence, that is mailed at specific times between when people register for an event and the time of the actual live webinar. This step is critically important, not only to get registrants to show up at the live broadcast, but also to get them in the right frame of mind to actually participate and be open to new ideas and possibilities.
  • You need to have a clear plan of action of what you should do after the live webinar broadcast.

Execute the above steps correctly and it can increase your sales by 2 to 3 times.

For example, some of the strategies that Mike & Andy teach use strategically-framed curiosity and urgency email campaigns directed only to those that didn't show up to the live webinar.

Or the use of on-demand, encore or repeat webinar presentation replays; or even setting up the webinar as an evergreen webinar that runs on software based autopilot for maximum profits. This is covered in more detail below where you will learn some specific strategies that you can use right-away to instantly improve your webinar ROI.

The step-by-step blueprint mentioned above is broken down in excruciating  detail and accompanied by mind maps, process maps and email templates in their program, which Andy & Mike walk you through to show you what they do in their business and the thought process behind what they do, so you can literally copy and paste and use their exact model, plus get an understanding why they do what they do.

How To Create A Successful Webinar To Maximize ROI

Here are some of the success strategies that Andy & Mike cover in their webinar blueprint to create successful webinars for boosting sales, conversions, opt-ins & profits.

1. Increase Webinar Registrations - 6 Tips & Strategies

i). Focus on Solving One Problem

A key element to getting maximum registrations for your live webinar broadcast is to focus your webinar on solving ONE PROBLEM only with a big bold promise. For example, how to lose weight fast without ever having to feel hungry or unsatisfied. Make that the headline of your registration landing page, with bullet points of the key benefits they will learn on your webinar.

ii). Tell your prospects what they will learn in the webinar and how long it will take

For example: you will learn how using our system of weight loss you can expect to rapidly and permanently melt-away 10lbs of unwanted body fat in 6 weeks making you feel more energised and make you look and feel 10 times healthier.

iii). Learn To Use Curiosity & Self-Assessment To Boost Registrations

Use curiosity to get more webinar registrations

Boost registration rates with curiosity

In your bullet points on your webinar registration page, use curiosity to get your prospects so intrigued that they just have to find out the answer to your benefits packed bullet point statements. This will get people registering just to find out that one thing that you promise in one of your bullet points.

Example: "Testimonials on your webinar registration page…..do they help or do they kill registration conversions? The answer will shock you".

Anyone using or wanting to use webinars to build their business, will want to know this one fact because getting this one thing wrong could be impeding the growth of their business and be undermining their efforts.

iv). Use Urgency & Immediacy to Boost Webinar Registrations

You need to get the message across to potential registrants of a sense of urgency, that they need to act now by registering for your webinar. You could say that the content you'll be sharing is new, its fresh, has never been revealed before, and that it's not going to be around for long, that it's a special one-off event and will never be available again, that it will change lives, etc.

If you don't' inject urgency and immediacy in your messages people will either not bother to register, or if they do register they are less likely to show up as it won't be perceived as that relevant or important to them.

v). Use Statements & Bullets that Challenge Popular Belief & Established Opinion

In the example above on the use of testimonials, it is established popular belief that using testimonials on all your pages will help with conversions. If you have evidence contrary to a popular held belief, then you can use this to stand out from the crowd, position yourself as an authority in the field and offer something that will be valued by your prospects who will want to know more.

vi). Use a Topic-Specific Bio Of The Host

Don't assume that your prospects know who you are. A lot of your traffic will be cold traffic. If you're promising information that can change people's lives and your headline and all the bullet points tells prospective registrants what benefits they can expect to get out of the training, its best to back this up with a photo of the host and a bio telling prospective attendees why they need to pay attention to you and why they should listen.

2. Two Key Strategies to Max Out Webinar Attendances

No matter how many people you get to register for your event, if they don't show up or you get very poor attendance at your live event, then you've just wasted a lot of time and money. Your goal is to "maximise butts in seats" as Tony Robbins would say.

So here are some key tips and strategies that you can use to maximise the number of attendees on your webinar.

i). Short-Cycle Email & Marketing Promotion

short cycle webinar email sequenceMike & Andy recommend that you keep the number of days of promotion of your event prior to the actual broadcast to a maximum of 3 days. The shorter the better they say.

Here's the rational for this. If you get someone to register a week before your webinar, they are not going to remember a week later that they registered for your event and they are also not going to be that excited because they probably forgot the promise you made about what they will learn in the webinar or the reason why they registered in the first place.

A person is going to be a lot more excited about attending a webinar if they can recall the emotional reason why they signed up to attend a webinar. Andy & Mike go as far as providing swipe files, email copy and the exact email sequences and when to send these out prior to the live webinar events.

ii). Get Your 'Thank-You For Registering For the Webinar Page' in Order

Webinar registration thank you page

Thank You for Registering Page

Make sure that you give your registrants steps that they need to take when they register for your webinar e.g.

1. Add to Calendar
2. Share with friends
3. Whitelist emails

Don't assume that registrants will do these things automatically, and only if they want to. People respond to instructions online and telling someone the exact steps that they need to take is perceived as being helpful.

3. Deploy An Indoctrination Email Series Pre Webinar Broadcast

i). Start training immediately in your email follow-up prior to the live event

Give registrants a video, audio, PDF or mind-map of something related to what you'll be covering. The information must peak their interest but don't' give so much information and  training that they feel they don't have to attend.

If you have several key topics that you'll be covering in your webinar, your indoctrination email sequence could teach them everything on just one of the key topics and end by saying that if they enjoyed the content so far there will be a lot more covered during the live event. This tends to work well especially if it addresses a solution to a problem that is in popular demand.

ii). Offer an Ethical Bribe to Show Up To The Webinar

Promise something that will be given away at the start of the webinar for those who attend early. You could also offer to give away a free gift at the end to bribe your attendees to stay to the end of the webinar.

The goal of your indoctrination email series is to get people to actually attend the live webinar. That's your primary goal, because even though you may have a recording that you can send out to those that didn't attend, statistics show that live webinars get much higher sales conversions compared to recorded webinars.

4. Get Webinar Registrants to Stay To The End of The Webinar

Getting the correct structure to your webinar presentation, especially if your doing any selling, is the principal formula for success, as it will get your attendees more engaged, participating and more likely to stick around to the end which means that they will hear your offer.

There are 4 principal parts to a webinar marketing structure:

i. The introduction.
ii. The content.
iii. The transition from content to the close.
iv. The Close - when you pitch them your product or service offer.

Here are some specific strategies you can use for putting together a knock-out webinar representation

i. The Big Promise

At the outset (during your introduction) make a big promise of what your audience will get out of the webinar

Webinar Marketing Strategy - Make one bold promise at the start of the Webinar

Your bold promise

ii. Start Providing Valuable Content Immediately

Before you start getting into your teaching and providing invaluable content, be upfront with your audience about what you'll be covering and ask them for permission to make a pitch at the end so long as they get awesome & great value from the content that you'll be delivering.

If you start with a pitch or your content is focused on selling your offer from the outset, your attendees are not going to respect that, they will more likely feel mislead about your intension and that you've been wasting their time just so you can sell to them.

Once you've got their consent, deliver on your main promise as mentioned in i) above and provide them quality content that will help them achieve that goal.

iii. Get Your Attendees Engaged in your Presentation

Russell Brunson said that you need to get your attendees eyes, ears and fingers engaged early and often - use polls, chat and Q&A.

Use different broadcasting channels in your presentation as well as getting your audience to actually interact with you is incredibly important for getting people to stick around to the end of your webinar and to really enjoy the experience.

iv. Deliver your webinar content with the end in mind

If you do all the steps so far discussed you won't have to do any actual selling when  you present you offer, your attendees will want to buy even before you get to your offer.

By this point you will have covered all the issues and problems your audience in your niche typically experience and you will have explained how what you have to offer can solve that problem. That's when your webinar offer is no longer a sales pitch but about giving your audience the opportunity to get hold of a solution to their problem.

How To Maximise Your Sales Conversions With The Law of Maximum High Converting Offers

i. The Irresistible Bonus

offer Irresistible Bonuses in your webinar

Irresistible Bonuses

Offer bonuses as a sweetener and to overcome objections. Make your bonuses irresistible that people buy just to get their hands on the Bonus.

Bonuses are great for tipping people over the edge and into the frame of mind that they just have to get your product.

Bonuses must also be congruent with your main offer and ideally overcome any objections that your main offer may present. For example if your main product is a video creation course, people may be concerned about traffic tactics, so your bonus could be how to drive traffic to your videos, or a bonus resource that gives buyers access to 100s of free professional images that they can use in their videos, etc.

ii. Use Urgency & Scarcity

Make your offers scarce and urgent to increase your sales conversions on your offer. Limit the number of units that will be available at your special webinar price and the timeframe within which your attendees have in order to secure that special offer.

iii. Focus On The Benefit of Your Offer

You need to make absolutely certain that the attendee can visualise, see and feel themselves in the product or service and the RESULT they get after actually using it.

Also, make sure that you sell the benefits of the benefits of your product or service. For example, if you sell acne cream that clears your skin of acne then sell not only the benefit of clear skin but how much better the person will feel and look by not having to worry or feel embarrassed or the discomfort of acne, etc.

5. The Encore Webinar Strategy  - This strategy can double your profits

Marketing tip - your encore webinar strategyThis particular strategy is about how you can increase profits with encore webinars and replays and is the fifth and final strategy for creating a successful webinar that maximises your ROI.

The key is that before you do a replay, do a live encore instead to the people that couldn't make it live. The reason is simple, live presentations converts better per viewer than recorded webinars.

Also analytic data comparing attendance levels between recorded and live webinars show that 6 to 7 times more attendees will stick around to the end of a live webinar and listen to your webinar offer right-through compared to recorded webinars.

So it makes sense to offer a encore rather than just make a recording available to those that missed your live event. So have a replay and encore close out strategy in mind.

You have to Pre-frame your registrants for your upcoming live encore.

Get them excited again to attend your encore because they will have most probably forgotten why they wanted to attend your webinar.

Describe to them how awesome it was and some of the feedback you got. Get those that didn't turn up fired up and motivated to catch your encore. You can offer them an incentive that they can only get live which won't be available on the recorded webinar.

It's also good practice to segment your list and provide a custom email message depending on who did not show, who showed but left early, who did not see the offer, and who saw and did not buy.

Now that might sound difficult but these features are built-in to the WebinarJam platform as a drop-down menu feature, so segmenting you list and sending out custom emails according to this type of information is simple to do.

Segmenting allows you to tailor your message so that it's more relevant to the recipient based on how they responded to your live webinar invitation, which will improve your conversions.


About Webinar Genesis - The Webinar Marketing Training Program

The webinar marketing tips and strategies covered in this article are just some on the things that Andy and Mike Filsaime teach in their comprehensive webinar training course, Webinar Genesis.

And right now for a limited time they are effectively giving this course away for free (cost of course $497), when you join their webinar service. So whichever way you look at this, today you can effectively get access to some of the best training on webinars you'll find anywhere online and you'll also get a powerful webinar marketing platform to boot for what I consider to be a ridiculously low price.

There are 5 modules in total with over 20 hours of training. Here's a summary of what's covered:

Module 1 - Maximize Webinar Registrations

Free webinar marketing training - webinar genesisWhat you will learn is how to increase the perceived visitor value of your webinar registration page. What web copy to use in order increase your Earning Per Click (EPC) so your highest value customer gets to your webinars. You will also discover a huge mistake many marketers make that while it increases registration rates, it kills overall profits and sales.

Module 2 - How to Promote Your Webinar

Where to find your honeypot of traffic that can promote your webinar. How to use all of your web properties (your blog & social media accounts) to get more traffic to your registration page. The exact traffic strategies to get more attendees to your webinar using Adwords, Youtube & Facebook.

Module 3 - Webinar Attendance

Techniques that have increased Mike and Andy's attendance rates to over 51%. You will learn how to build a unique experience that gets people to attend your live event, and discover the most important factors that will help you to get the most people to actually show up on your webinar.

Module 4 - The Live Webinar Broadcast

How to create implied scarcity to get more sales from your offer using the "looking for case studies" request.

Discover the biggest risk you must reverse after you present your product or service to your webinar audience. Plus, what to do towards the end of your webinar broadcast that gets you the most sales... Mike and Andy call this getting into "telethon mode".

Module 5 - Webinar Follow Up

How to use "strategically framed curiosity and urgency" email campaigns to those who didn't show up. How to set up on-demand or even encore presentation replays that boost your overall sales. And how to set it all up as an evergreen webinar the runs on software-based autopilot for maximum profits.


What Other Marketers Say About Mike & Andy Jenkins' Webinar Marketing Training

Mike Koenigs, NY Times Best Selling Author & CEO of Mixiv.com had this to say about Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime's webinar program (the "Webinar Control Framework" mentioned below is a webinar strategy that Mike & Andy teach)

"Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins consulted me for 3 hours on the Webinar Control Framework… We then applied it to my Webinar for Webcast Profits Toolkit and the results were the best webinar we ever did. In 1 promotion we did $320,000 and now I am rolling this Framework out with every JV partner as well as my Evergreen Marketing Funnels…"


Russell Brunson, NY Times Best Selling Author & CEO of Clickfunnels had this to say:

"Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are the #1 affiliates of all time for Click Funnels. All with the help of the last webcast we did promoting our service. Just 1 webinar promotion did $250,000 in sales. I have never seen anything like it! I am now applying the Webinar Control Framework to all my webinars with my future JV partners. This is truly an unfair advantage to anyone that has this insider information.." (Russell Brunson)

Webinar Genesis is a slide-by-slide how to create your webinar and offer training and templates. It is a detailed webinar marketing blueprint with all the training, tips and cutting edge marketing strategies you'll ever need to make your webinar business a big success.

Click here to learn more about Webinar Genesis and how you can potentially pick it up for free.