Versatile Online Presentation Software Tools For Webinars

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It is commonly assumed that the best online presentation software tools will be the same as for a face-to-face presentation, and as a result tend to default to using powerpoint or a slideshow for web presentations.

However, while these software tools can still work very well in front of a live audience, it's another thing to assume that this style of presentation works well online, presenting to a remote audience that may be listening from around the world.

Whiteboard presentationsBut if you have been doing online presentations for a while, you will most likely have experienced your best online presentations as being interactive and engaging with attendees, which requires different software solutions to normal face-to-face presentations.

There can be nothing more tedious than listening to someone give a long presentation with just a powerpoint or slide, with zero interactivity with attendees.

In this article I'm going to take a look at an online presentation software suite of tools that's versatile, robust, interactive and works well with all types of presentations, whether it's for business, teaching, coaching, sales, political speeches, lectures, or church worship presentations.

Multimedia Presentation Via Streaming Media Technology

The focus of this article is on a software suite of tools created by Webinar Jam, a webinar and webcast software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, that facilitates multimedia presentations that can be broadcast and distributed over the internet using live streaming media technology.

With Webinar Jam's software suite you can broadcast - live or on-demand - online presentations using a webcam, powerpoint, an internet browser or any application that's on your desktop or laptop. Which means that any presentation tools or software you currently use, such as powerpoint, Apple Keynote, Slideshare,  or for example any of the Google apps, such as Google Slides, etc, can be used in your presentation as Google apps are browser-based and the Webinar Jam service allows you to display - as part of your presentation - your internet browser.

You can broadcast multimedia presentation online with this software solution

You have complete control over how you broadcast your presentation. You can switch back and forth between the various broadcasting signals in real time. For example, you may want to start your presentation with your webcam, then switch it over to your powerpoint and then over to your web browser e.g to illustrate a point, live online.

If you've ever attended an online presentation where the presenter used a variety of presentation platforms, you'll no doubt recall how much more interesting, rich and engaging the whole experience is.

But that's not all.

Live Stream Pre-Recorded Animated Video Presentations & Demonstrations

On a good online presentation you are going to teach, demonstrate, interact with attendees (read more on this below) and maybe even make an offer to sell your product or service.

With Webinar Jam's video streaming software, you can stream a pre-recorded video live during your presentation, including animated video presentations.

Perhaps you have a product that you'd like to demonstrate. Of course you'll want to give your demonstration in a professional and flawless manner, which if you've tried to do any kind of live demonstration online, you'll know it can be a little challenging.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to demonstrate something live and for all manner of problems to present itself, which can detract from what could have been a very good online presentation.

So to be able to stream live a pre-recorded video means that you can now present a flawless, error-free and without technical mishaps, your highly polished presentation or demonstration. And towards the end of the presentation, switch back to, for example, your webcam, to complete your sales close, or to do a live Q & A session, it's entirely up to you. And the switch between the various broadcasting signals is seamless and quick.


Play webinar or video recordings and stream it live

Play webinar or video recordings & stream them live

You can even stream the entire video presentation as a replica of a live event with WebinarJam software and have it play on autopilot as a replica replay, but still be online live in the chat zone to answer any questions and to interactive with attendees as if the whole presentation was live.

But the key to a good presentation online is to get your audience engaged and participating in your presentation.

Online Presentation Software With The Power To Interact With Attendees

The live stream chat window allows you to monitor feedback that you're getting from your attendees. Plus with the additional tools at your disposal on the Webinar Jam platform, such as polls and surveys, you'll be able to interact and keep your audience engaged, making for a more intellectually stimulating experience.


Create interactive and engaging online presentations

Create Engaging Presentations Online

And with Attendee Spotlight software functionality, you can invite anyone in the audience to jump on live, perhaps to ask a question, give some feedback of their experience or anything at all, and they can do so live sharing their webcam if they wish.

This feature can work really well for the following styles of presentations such as guest appearances, demonstrations, live testimonials, Q & A sessions, coaching, hands-on training, hot seat sessions, and so forth.

So as you can see, the dynamic nature of being able to use multimedia interactivity with your audience and to get your attendees to participate in your presentation is refreshingly different to the oftentimes stale and 2-dimensional presentation style of powerpoint and 'speaking at' your audience rather than with your audience.

Versatile & Dynamic But Easy to Use Software

But with all these moving parts, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's going to be too difficult to manage or perhaps take too much of your time to learn.

In fact the reverse is true. Most of the preparation of what you want to cover can be prepared prior to your live presentation using whatever presentation software tools you feel comfortable with. And switching between the different broadcasting signals is a simple switch in the admin dashboard. Plus creating polls and quizzes for example, can be prepared before hand and delivered to your audience simply and quickly and at the exact moment that you want.

I think you'll agree that the multi-faceted possibilities that this service can give you, will make for a more engaging, dynamic and versatile online presentation experience. But there are so many more possibilities that's not been covered here, but I hope you at least get a flavour of what is possible with this online presentation software and how it might be used for your business or organisation.

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