Boost Webinar Registrations - Top Experts' Tips And Strategies

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get more webinar registrations by focusing on key emotional driversPutting together a successful webinar can take a lot of time and effort. So if you are going to go to all that trouble and effort in putting together your webinar presentation then it stands to reason that you will want to maximise your webinar registration numbers.

Unfortunately many businesses seem to drop the ball on this critically important first step that would lay a solid foundation for webinar success. Get this step wrong and the inevitable result is low attendance rate.

So in this post we'll be taking a closer look at how to increase webinar registrations. Plus we'll be revealing some of the best tips and strategies used by some of the top performing webinar experts to boost registrant numbers.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing to get one's head around - and it should go without saying - is understanding your audiences's biggest challenges and problems is vitally important. Yet frequently this is something that is skimmed over by webinar presenters who go on to delivering on subject matter in their presentations that fail to impress their audiences.

The result?

Low registration numbers no matter how much promoting is done. So do your research, conduct surveys and ask for feedback from existing customers if necessary to give yourself the best chance of hitting a home run first time around.

A Compelling Webinar Registration Page

Registration page must have strong headline and bulletsNext, spend some time in creating compelling web copy for your webinar registration page.

Your headline, sub-headline and bullets need to sell visitors to your registration page on why they need to attend your webinar and what they will get out of it. You should be hitting all the top emotional hot buttons of your target market.

Keep your registration form simple - don't be asking for too much information.

A first name and email address is more than sufficient. Anything more than this and you will find that registration numbers begin to drop because the more information you ask for the more uncertainty & doubt you will create in your visitors' mind. They will ask themselves "can I trust this business or person and do I really want to give up all this personal information just to register for this webinar, and will it even help me?"

Make it Easy to Add Webinar Event to Calendar

Make sure that your Thank You for Registering page allows registrants the ability to add the webinar event to their calendar. Fortunately, many of the good webinar services will allow you to do this quite simply.

Don't rely on your follow-up emails to remind your registrants of the event. Remember, people are bombarded with emails daily. Their inboxes will be inundated with offers, invitations and more. It is too easy for your reminder emails to get lost in the crowd but a online calendar entry on the other hand is as close as you'll get to making an appointment.

Prepare Your Follow Up Emails

Prepare your email follow up sequence that you can send automatically on drip feed once someone registers for your webinar.

Your email follow ups should:

  • Confirm a registrant's registration to the webinar and details of the event
  • Confirm they have made the right decision
  • Continue to sell them on what they will get out of the webinar and how that will help them in overcoming their big problem
  • Offer sweeteners and valuable bonus content or give aways to build rapport and trust, and to get your registrants more engaged and excited about your upcoming event.

Of course you won't be addressing all the above in one email, so take some time to structure and sequence your emails logically, and keep them short to the point and easily digestible. And bear in mind that most people won't have time to read long copy emails while others will simply be put off from reading them at all.

What the Experts Say - Best Strategies & Tips For Boosting Registration Numbers

tips and strategies from webinar experts for increase registrations

What the Experts Say

The question on most peoples' minds when they see details of your event will be why attend your webinar?

Of course it is a pertinent question.

Why would any one take time out of their day to attend an event by someone they may not even know or that they don't even know if they are able to help.

You may get a small percentage of people who attend because of a vague sense of curiosity. These are the tire kickers, the dreamers and the insatiable learners that do nothing but learn. You don't want to attract those people since they are unlikely to be the action takers or your best customers.

Instead what you'll discover is that when your message of what you will be delivering in your webinar hits on and addresses the big pain points and problems that your target audience commonly experience, they will be more emotionally driven and have a stronger desire to want to attend because they want the solution you have to offer.

For that reason it is important to sell your target audience on the benefits and the big emotional drivers why they should attend your webinar event.

The importance of your focus on your audience's emotions shouldn't be underestimated. To re-iterate the point here are what some of the top performing webinar experts had to say about how to increase your webinar registration numbers. You will notice a common theme is articulated.

"Don't Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle!"

Anik Singal said it best when he said "Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle".

"The webinar registration page headline and supporting bullets should sell the benefits of what they will get from the webinar and how their lives will change for the better as a result. Adding a timescale of when they will achieve that benefit will also help boost opt-ins and conversions of visitors to webinar registrants."

An example of adding a timescale to a benefit would be "Increase your profits by 18% by adding this simple strategy for boosting business revenues in just 12 weeks".

emotional triggers are used to get visitors to sign up to a webinarAnik is the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc, an online educational program that assists Internet entrepreneurs, especially online marketers in creating and developing an online business. He is also the author of several books including "The Circle of Profit" and "The Email Lifeline".

Eben Pagan recommends "connecting with your audiences' big emotional driver. That could be their big fear, their big anxiety, their want or aspiration, the thing they really desire or a solution to a problem they have. Don't overwhelm visitors with 100 things because that will confuse them. Instead just pick one thing and get it in the headline and repeat it in the bullets and in the call to action button."

Eben Pagan is a American business entrepreneur, author & speaker, best known for teaching dating advice to men, as well as business management, growth and personal development skills to internet marketers.

Similarly Mike Koenigs, entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, author, product creator and CEO of Disruptasaurus, says....

"The headline needs to be short and it needs to speak directly to your target audience, addressing their emotional pains - it could address what they hate, what they love or what they aspire to be, what they want to feel like when they get want you are giving away."

"Keep the registration short and to the point; no fluff. Just focus on the headline and sub-headline - you need to understand your audience and their pain points, wants and needs." -  [Bill McIntosh, successful online marketer and keen advocate of using webinars to grow businesses]

Michele Reynolds says to "use an amazing headline something that will make people say "yeah, I need that." You could do this by asking a question."

Similar to what Eban Pagan said above, John Hutchinson, a successful online marketing expert & personal coach recommends keeping your message that you want to convey simple, in other words don't bombard visitors with lots of ideas. His explanation makes a lot of sense:

"Start with a simple to understand idea because you won't have enough time or much of their attention than to convey a simple message that gets them to answer yes or no to what you have to offer. If your idea leaves them uncertain, they will not take action and leave your registration page."

Ed Dale, an Australian and internationally recognised marketing expert and internet marketer, says the same thing. He advises webinar presenters to avoid catch all registration pages. Deal with one big problem that your audience would like a solution to. If there are more than 1 big issue, then the next big issue can be the subject of your next webinar.

Your Webinar Registration Page Must Answer These 3 Questions

Alex Mandossian, CEO of Heritage House Publishing Inc, a marketing and publishing company and host to some of the world's top thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Harv Eker, Donald Trump & Brian Tracy, uses a 3-part approach to get more registrations for his webinars.

When putting together his webinar registration page, he addresses these 3 questions:

i. Why this? - why this topic is important and relevant to the viewer
ii. Why Us? - what makes us uniquely qualified to talk about his subject matter?
iii. Why now? - Why is now the right time to register.

Mandossian says that answering these 3 vital questions on your registration page - questions that will be tugging at visitors' minds - and you will succeed in getting more people to take action and register for your next event.

An example that Alex Mandossian gives on the question why now? is you will learn about a unique strategy that no one else is using right now and so you will get a first mover advantage that is guaranteed to work.

The Mystery & Intrigue Strategy

web copy marketing strategy using mystery and intrigueBrendon Burchard, New York Times bestselling author, on motivation and expert digital and affiliate marketing, says another method that can be effective is to "Use some mystery or intrigue on your page to boost registration numbers. Get people to say "what is this?" "Do I already now this" "is this important to me?" Get visitors to question themselves and you will get more opt-ins."

"Invites the question "Which one am I?". For example, a bullet point might say: "The difference between stragglers and strivers and why strivers accomplish 10% more every single day. Which one are you?"

This forces them to ask "which one am I? Am I A or am I B". Then you can tell them why A is better than B. This is very persuasive copy because people want to know which they fall into and if they are 10% more effective or not. They then look at your webinar topic and ask themselves if they know this and if not "do I need to know it?"

He also uses a slightly different and rather clever technique to create mystery and intrigue by naming what you do and calling it something specific and different. He says that this will get people to ask themselves, "what is that? "will that help me?" "I can get that by simply entering my name and email".

Russell Brunson, best selling author and owner of Clickfunnels and has a similar approach…."the number 1 thing to increase registrations is curiosity. You can do this in 1 or 2 ways. With an image that is strange or weird or that they can't figure out but its interesting and intriguing. Or you can make the headline curiosity based."

Boost Registrations with a Bio on Your Registration Page

Iman Aghay, an international speaker and best selling author and owner of Success Road Academy, the largest information training centre in Canada says a biography on your registration page can increase conversions by up to 40%. But he cautions that you need to write the bio to fit the webinar topic - so don't use a generic bio.

Marketing 101 Best Practices for Increasing Webinar Registrations

marketing 101 best practices for more webinar registrationsOf course lets not forget good ol' fashion tried and tested marketing to improve the performance of your webinar registrations.

Images can be important in some markets, so have a headline, sub-headline, bullet points and your image. You can add a big countdown timer for added scarcity. And your call to action buttons can reinforce the main call to action i.e. your button can say "Enrol for the webinar here", says Pam Hendrickson, best selling author and speaker.

Pam goes on to say "a registration page is just like a sales page so good marketing practices apply". She recommends that you focus on 2 things:

(i) Have a clear headline and hook - you only have about 8 seconds to grab their attention so you need a strong hook that matches the content and the ads that got them to your page.

(ii) Have a good sub-headline which gives them details about what they are going to get, that answers the question what's in it for me? For example, how to do Youtube advertising the correct way for more leads, customers and sales while paying less for your ads.

Using Joint Venture (JV) Partners to Promote Your Webinars?

Stephon Rention recommends if you have JV partners promoting your webinar, have them shoot a 2-3 min video explaining in high level detail why the webinar is great and why they're so excited and why they are recommending it to their list.

In Closing

Your subject matter for your next webinar and how you articulate what you are offering to registrants who attend your live event are the key foundations that you will need in order to have a successful webinar. Get these essential foundations wrong however and you will have wasted a lot of time, energy and resources.

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