Increase Webinar Registrations with Schema Events Markup

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Get more registrations for your live webinarsIf you are just starting out with webinars or looking for an effective long term SEO strategy for getting more webinar registrations for your online events and sales presentations, then this article may just be the ticket you've been looking for to boost registrant numbers.

In this article, I reveal a whiter than white SEO strategy to get more people seeing your webinar registration pages and at the same time boost your website with targeted traffic without having to break the bank with expensive paid advertising.

Now before you get all jittery at the thought of getting sucked down the SEO rabbit hole by having to learn challenging and mind-destroying geek stuff that sucks the time out of your day, rest assured that what you will learn is actually an incredibly fast and simple tactic that can be - dare I say it - implemented with a simple click of a button!

Sounds spammy? But actually Google is practically begging webmasters and website business owners to do what I am recommending that you do, so you can get almost immediate better online visibility to the very people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

This strategy works especially well for local businesses simply because the level of competition is much lower, so you tend to see faster results. However it will work for the more globally orientated keywords as well, but the amount of rank boost will depend on the level of competition in the market that you're trying to target.

The Core Strategy Combines Structured Data With Your Webinar Registration Page

The core of this strategy revolves around the use of Structured Data, also known as Schema markup and the semantic web, for boosting your website's ranking. The second component is to set up your webinar registration form on your site where it can be seen most prominently by visitors.

Where to Place Details of Your Webinar

Where you should add your webinar registration formThere are 2 hot locations on every website that statistically and via heat-mapping technology, has been shown to get the most views and clicks. That is the area at the very top of the page and the area in the top left, just below your header graphic where the content of your page begins.

However, if your sidebar is on the righthand side, then that too appears prominent to a web visitor.  These are the main locations on your site where you want to place details about your upcoming webinar, either in the form of a banner, or alternatively as a registration opt-in form with a strong call to action.

To get even more eye-balls seeing details of your online seminar, include a pop-up box with details about your next webinar that pops open at a specific time e.g when a visitor looks like they are leaving your site. This ensures that all your website visitors - who lets not forget, are on your website because they have a level of interest in what your website is about - will see details of your webinar event.

Ok, so now lets move on to how you can quickly and easily boost your rankings with Structured Data for better online visibility.

What is Structured Data?

"It is data that can be immediately identified within an electronic structure such as a relational database. For example, to retrieve the name of a city, the "city field" Data (city column) is accessed. In contrast, to derive meaning from "unstructured" free-form text, the text must be sequentially scanned and compared by search engines." []

Structured Data Youtube Video

Ok so what we are talking about is a specific type of structured code that you add to your website that communicates to the search engines in a language that they instantly understand.

We know that Google and other search engines actively search for this type of code when it crawls websites before it runs its content analysis check through its algorithm.

In other words once you add schema code, the search engine bots instantly get an understanding of what your site or page is all about.

By contrast, according to Search Engine Land, around 80 percent of websites require search engines to scan its content (unstructured data) and analyse it via its ever-changing algorithm in order to get an understanding of what a page or website is about.

The fundamental problem with this latter approach in understanding website content is that only a small percentage of website owners actually properly understand on-page SEO well enough to give the search engines the right information so that its pages appear high in the SERPs for the most desired keywords.

The fact of the matter is on-page SEO in 2016 and beyond is critically important, more so now with all the various Google updates, than it has ever been. Which means that the vast majority of website owners are at a significant disadvantage with little to low prospect of ever ranking high in the Google search results for keywords phrases that are more specifically on target for what they are offering.

According to, Google is piloting a program that allows local business owners to provide information about their business by suing schema markup, in particular JSON.LD markup language, which is a specific type of schema markup code preferred by Google. says that Schema markup is the new way that Google, Yahoo and Bing use to sort the whole internet out " is a system that will make it easier for their search engines to identify what a site, or even a paragraph, is all about".

What this all means is that there is an opportunity for website owners to gain a first mover advantage before everyone else catches up by using Structured Data markup on their websites.

The Benefit of Adding Structured Data to a Website

The simple answer as mentioned above is that there appears to be irresistible proof that by simply adding Structured Data to a website and to key pages on a website gives a boost and pushes it higher in the search results. And as you will read from testimonials from web masters who have implemented this strategy, in lower competition, locally targeted keywords, it has the potential of pushing a site onto the first page of Google even without a single back link.

What Customers Think of Project Supremacy - Video Testimonial


The marked up JSON-LD code is inserted into the source code of a website's page(s) (see example JSON-LD schema below).

This may look and sound complicated but there is actually a very simple solution provided by 2 very experienced internet marketers and software developers, Todd Spears and Herc Magnus of Project Supremacy.

Todd & Spears developed a tool that does everything for you. So if you don't have the time to research this stuff to generate the correct code and then insert it into the correct parts of your website's html, then this might be something you'll want to look into. The software makes it very quick and easy to deploy schema on your site by simply providing some basic information, such as the business's name, website url, contact telephone number, location, etc, and with a click of a button, the Project Supremacy plugin software automatically generates the JSON-LD code and embeds it into your page.

Schema markup is available for events such as webinars that you can add to your webinar registration pages. This means that not only will you get a rank boost and more traffic to your website by deploying general information schema code, but with schema events markup code also added, you'll get higher visibility in the SERPs for your webinar registration pages too.

Implementing Structured Data on your site gives Google the exact details about your site - especially the your location of business. With the location you can even be as granular as providing the exact longitude and latitude of your business - which is a lot simpler to do than you might think.

Schema markup can even be inseredt into the meta data of your images, which is another very powerful SEO strategy for improving your business's online visibility.

Schema Improves Google My Business & Map Listings

The use of Schema has also been shown to boost the Google My Business & Map listings for local businesses, which is another very good reason why website owners should be using Structured Data.

Right now Todd & Spears are so confident that their JSON-LD schema markup software will work for your website that they are offering a 14 days free trial of the Project Supremacy software. This should give you ample time to deploy schema on your site and see the results first hand.

Full disclosure, Project Supremacy is used on this website and we wholeheartedly endorse it as an indispensable tool for improving a website's SEO quickly and cheaply.

You can learn more about Todd & Spears' software here - all the training you need is on the inside.


Here's what JSON-LD markup looks like for an Event

Json-Ld schema markup code example

Schema Events Markup For Webinars Youtube Video

Resources & Reference Guides on Schema & Structured DATA

If you want to learn more about Structured Data and/or set up schema yourself, below are some useful links that we recommend that you check out in addition to the anchor text links in the body of this article.