Professionally Designed Webinar Registration Page Templates

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Creating a webinar system and sales funnel, one that gives you the ability to:

  1. Set up professionally created registration page templates, that are designed to entice visitors to enter their contact informations (i.e. high converting), then
  2. Automatically follow up the registrant with a "Thank You for Registering for the Webinar" page,
  3. Automatically collect their email and other contact information that then sets in motion an automatic follow-up email sequence campaign so you can keep them updated about your forthcoming webinar, technically challenging, very time consuming, not to mention can be very expensive to do if you needed to high someone with the necessary expertise.


However, in this article and in the walk through video you can watch above, you will discover how simple it really is to use a webinar software solution (created by Webinarjam) with its full-suite service that removes all the stress, headache and technical mumbo jumbo, to make setting up your own webinar system with professionally designed registration landing page templates and Thank You pages, a breeze and fun to do.

Creating Professionally Designed Webinar Registration Landing Pages

Here's how you can create a professionally looking webinar registration page where you send your potential attendees, that will position you as an expert in your field.

Believe it or not it's as simple as choosing a professionally designed template that you like and you're pretty much set.

Just browse through the different styles of templates and choose the one that you like best.

Select the Registration page design you like most

Choose between different styles, different color combinations & different layouts.

You can have them with video or without video. With text copy, or not. With headline, or without a headline.

There are many different combination at your disposal. And webinarJam keeps adding on more just as fast as they can be designed.

Example Webinar Registration Page Landers With Video Player

Registration landing page design with Video

A video registration landing page

Customizing Your Registration Page is Easy

Customizing the Registration Page is Easy

Customisation is easy

It's easy to customise each template as you wish, as each template is broken into section that can be customised.

For example, you can make changes to the headline, the video player, the social media share buttons, text copy below the video, even the registration box.

To make customisations to your landing pages all you need to do is complete the registration configuration information inside the software dashboard to how you want it to look.

It’s so easy that configuring your registration page can take as little as a minute to do. And because the webinar registration page can be hosted on WebinarJam's cloud hosting, you can drive as much traffic to the page as you like without fear of crashing your own hosting server.

But what if you wanted versatility to create you own custom design registration page, on your own host server, i.e on your own domain?

No problem. With WebinarJam just select the custom design option and the webinar system will automatically generate an embed code, which you simply copy and paste onto your website.

Add a join Webinar button to your own website

You can add a "Join Webinar" button on your own website

Once that's done, a "Join Webinar" button will appear on your website, which integrates with WebinarJam's webinar software.

And if you don't like the "Join Webinar" button that too can be changed for whatever button image you like...just swap out the image file and you’re done.

Now when someone goes to your site and presses on your “join Webinar” button, the webinar registration box pops up and your attendees can then register for your webinar.

All this is done without any installation of plugins on your site or complicated javascript. It is as easy as copying and pasting a short line of code anywhere on your website where you want the "Join Webinar button" to display.

So now your webinar attendees will be able to register for your webinar directly from your website, your blog or your own domain, branding your business and not the webinar service.

So there you have it. A crazy simple way of setting up professionally designed webinar registration pages to get attendees to register for your webinars that’s so versatile that you can even host registrations on your own website, so you maintain full control of the branding of your webinars.

To get started click here

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