How to Charge for Webinars

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There may be circumstances when you will want to charge attendees a fee to register for your live webinars.

In this post I will show you how to charge for webinars using a simple software solution that is incredibly easy to use and fast to set up. In addition, you can use a very cool webinar app for positioning your product or service offers in front of your attendees right inside the webinar window during a live broadcast. It's called Pop-in Offers.

If you are a trainer, coach or other business owner, you may want to have the ability to automatically request a payment from attendees to actually register or to attend your live web event, much like you would charge for a seminar or conference you might attend in the offline world.

However, most webinar services don't allow you this flexibility or if they do, often it is technically challenging to set up and beyond the capability of many small businesses.

Video Tutorial on How to Charge for Webinars With A Simple Payment Gateway Set Up Using WebinarJam

In this video walk through, you will see how simple it is to set up a payment gateway with webinarjam's easy-to-use web conferencing and online meetings software service which will allow you to charge an upfront fee for attendees to register for your webinars.


By default webinar jam sets webinar events as free to register.

Simply select if Webinar is free or chargeable

Select whether to charge or not

However, if you want to charge a fee for your web events, to set this up all you do is input the relevant information on the payment configuration tab within the dashboard, as you see in the screenshot below.


Then add how much you the want to charge, the currency type, and the url link to your desired payment checkout page.

For your check out page you can use Paypal, Infusion Soft, Clickbank, or your own merchant account. In fact you can use absolutely any payment method of your choosing. Just enter the url link for your checkout page.

Placing a Pay to Register Button on Your Webinar Registration Page

However, once set up, when someone goes to your webinar registration page, they will see a “Pay to Register” button with the cost to register as you seen in the image below.

Pay to Register for the Webinar

Webinar payment page


And when a registrant clicks the “Pay to Register” button, they are then redirected to your payment checkout page.

return to simplified webinar registration formOnce the payment details are completed on your chosen payment gateway, whether Paypal or any other payment gateways, webinar registrants are redirected back to your registration page where they can now enter their name and email address information in order to reserve their spot.

So as you can see, it’s incredibly simple to set up a pre-pay page for registrants to register for your webinars, making monetizing your training, coaching or any other types of webinar events incredibly simple to implement.

However, that's not the only strategy offered by the Webinarjam software service for monetizing online web events.

In a later tutorial, I show you how Webinar Jam makes to very easy to set up pop-up "buy now" buttons, called a "pop-in", where you can display details of your product offers right inside the attendees' webinar window. And these offer displays can be changed in and out as often as you like.

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