How to Set Up a Webinar That Looks Professional in Just Minutes

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Set Up & Publish Professional Looking Webinar Hangouts In Minutes

In this first of a 3-part series of short step-by-step tutorials, we look at how to set up a webinar the easy, non technical way.

There are many different solutions on the market today for hosting a webinar. Some are more technically challenging to use, while others may offer a more simple plug and play solution for setting up a live webinar broadcast.

The webinar solution that we detail below is simple, fast to set up and provides a very professional finish. It also leverages the Google Hangouts for webinars platform by utilising a software interface that dumbs-down the whole setup, presenting, broadcasting & publishing process.

In this first tutorial I’m going to show you how easy it can be to configure (the set-up process), broadcast your live webinars through Hangouts, and then publish (i.e. stream live) to Youtube and Google+ within a matter of 3 to 4 minutes using WebinarJam’s interface platform.

If you were to try to do this manually, in would literally take you several hours, assuming you knew what you were doing.

What is WebinarJam?

Webinarjam is a simple to use cloud-based app interface that allows you to manage and create professional webinars from Hangouts, with a few clicks of the mouse.

...and because it’s hosted on a secure cloud server it means that you don't have to install anything on your computer or on your website. And you don't have to have be on a wordpress website or any other type of specific website for that matter to exploit this service.

All you do to make and host a webinar is log in to webinarJam's admin dashboard, configure your webinar, press start to broadcast online and your good to go.

Here's how simple it is to set up:

Login Dashboard Area

1. Schedule Your Webinar Event


webinar admin control dashboardFirst schedule your webinar. Here, as you can see from the screenshot, you have 2 options:

i). You can schedule your webinar to go live immediately, in which case you simply select the first radio button and the system with automatically open up your webinar room. You will then see the webinar invitation link, which you can then send out to your potential attendees.


ii). The second option is to select the radio button to "Schedule it for later". You can set any time and date in the future that you like and schedule as many webinars in the calendar you want. Again you will have access to the webinar invitation link so that you can give the link to potential attendees.

You can use any marketing method you like to get your webinar invitation link out to your audience. You can use Facebook, Google, email, paid advertising (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc). You could even run an advertisement in your local or national papers if you wanted to.

2. Attendees Can Choose Dates & Times of Webinar That Suit Them

Select time and date of webinar event

Your potential attendees will then be able to select which of the dates fits their schedule best on the actual registration page.

3. Input Presenters & Administrators Details

The Next step is to input the Webinar Presenters and administrators’ information into the configuration dashboard.

You can add as many hosts and presenters as you wish...i.e. in case you want to co-present your webinar with somebody else.


add webinar presenter and organiser info

When you add your presenters or administrators' names to the configuration dashboard, you'll see that their details display on the webinar registration page so potential attendees who visit that page can see who is the presenter of the webinar - this can help increase registration rates.

webinar presenter's details show on the Webinar Registration page

4. Choose Your Professionally Designed Registration Page Template

Professionally Designed Webinar Registration Pages

Professionally designed registration pages

This feature is great if you want to present a professional image to the world or even brand it so that your business becomes recognisable. Just browse through the different styles of templates and choose the one that you like best for your registration page.

I’ll talk more about these professionally designed templates and what you can do with them in my next video tutorial.

Next you will need to set up your webinar reminder email sequence that people who register for your event receive. These are extremely important for ensuring that you have maximum attendance levels at your live event.

5. Set Up Your Webinar Reminder Emails

Set Up Your Webinar Email Sequence

Set up email sequence for webinar reminders

The next and final step to setting up a professionally designed webinar is to pre-configure your short email sequence that you’ll want to send out to those customers that have registered for your live webinar event.

It’s important that you keep in touch with registrants in order to remind them of the webinar so that they don't forget to attend, but more importantly you'll want to warm them up and get them excited about the content that you are going to be sharing with them on the webinar.

NB.....Just because they have registered does not mean they will attend. So keep them warmed up and alert to your upcoming webinar.


6. Your Ready To Launch Your Webinar!

Webinar Ready to be Launched

You’re now ready to launch your webinar with public announcements, of your upcoming event, through social media, emailing your existing customers lists, Youtube awareness campaigns, press releases, and via traditional’s entirely up to you, just use the link to your webinar registration page in all your marketing material.

When a registrant registers their information on your Sign Up page, their information will be added to your contacts list and the system will automatically send out your pre-configured email sequence to remind them of the webinar. And as you can see on the screenshot above, registrants will be able to schedule the event in their calendar or request that an SMS reminder be sent to their phone, right from within the registration page itself.

So as you can see, setting up a Live Webinar with Hangouts using WebinarJam’s interfacing app is as simple as color by numbers, and the result is a professionally designed webinar system that works on autopilot and makes you look like a rockstar!

But that’s not all!

What I’ve just described is just the tip of the iceberg ... how to set up your webinar in super fast time.

In the next tutorial and video in this series, I will show you how you can position yourself as an expert in your field with professionally designed webinar registration pages, which we briefly touched upon above.

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