Webinar Email Communications Critical For Webinar Success

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Communicating with Your Registrants Pre & Post Webinar to Maximise Your Attendee Numbers & Sales Revenue

Once your prospects or customers have registered for your webinar or web conference, you'll want to stay in touch with them both before and after the live event for 2 important reasons:

  1. To remind them of the webinar so that they don't forget to attend, but more importantly,
  2. You'll want to warm them up and get them excited about the content that you are going to be sharing with them on the webinar.

When people register for your webinar, there can be many reasons why they may not actually attend your live event.

So webinar email communications that you send prior to the webinar broadcast are very important for ensuring as many people as possible who registered for your event actually attend live on the webinar broadcast.

So here's what to do to maximise your attendee number with webinarjam’s platform.

Email Configuration Dashboard

Inside the dashboard, you can enable and set up email and or SMS reminders - you may want to do both.


Pre and post webinar email & sms communications

With SMS reminders you can set up a simple text message or a pre-recorded phone message that calls your registrants and plays the recorded message at the designated time. Its's entirely up to you.

This alone is a very powerful call to action to get your registrants to actually attend your live event.

With email you have a choice of WebinarJam's built-in email system if you want to keep the technical set up super simple.

Or you can use your own SMTP email server. Simply set it up within WebinarJam's SMTP email configuration tab, as you see on the screen, and your good to go.


Integrated email reminders inside the control dashboardIt's super easy to set up your email sequence that your registrants will receive both before the webinar event and immediately after the webinar.

Of course communications sent out after the webinar broadcast will consist of email copy that has an entirely different message.

For example, you may want to remind them of something you said in the webinar, perhaps where they can get a free ebook or special coupon that you offered during your live broadcast.

Pre Webinar Email Notifications

To set up and create your email sequence, simply checkmark the box entitled "Queue up some pre-webinar email notifications". Then add how many hours before the webinar you want your email message to be sent out to your registrants and create your email message in the simple-to-use WYSYWG editor.

You'll want to add a sequence of messages that are sent out on different dates, counting down to your live video conference event. The idea being that you want to keep your registrants engaged and excited about attending your webinar, as well as to act as a reminder.

Ideally you'll want to have reminders sent out periodically with a final reminder at least 1 hour before your webinar goes live and even a message to say that the webinar has started, as a final last minute catch all.

Post Webinar Email Notifications

Post Webinar Email Notifications work in the same way. You enable post webinar emails by check-marking the box "Queue up some Post-webinar email notifications and set the time when you want your email messages to be sent out AFTER the webinar.

With post webinar reminder, you may want to take advantage of the recording of your live webinar to let your registrants know that they can now watch the replay by following the link in your email message.

WebinarJam's system automatically uses Google's Hangout technology to record your live session into a video that is then automatically uploaded onto the web on its own replay page where people can watch the recording at their convenience.

List Segmentation for Focused Communications

Segment your list of registrants

What’s more, the system gives you the flexibility to segment your list according to pre-defined set of criteria, as you see on the screen.

For example, you can send out your post-notification emails only to those that attended your webinar, or only to those that did not attend the webinar.

Or you may want to offer an upsell only to those that ordered a product on your webinar, or a downsell to those that it not order your product or service.

Autoresponder Service Integration

WebinarJam's system allows you to integrate with your choice of autoresponder service.  When registrants register for your webinar their information is automatically added to your customer list where not only can you send pre and post webinar email messages, you can also continue communicating with them with added value content and offers that may be of interested to them.

And because you have the ability to segment your list based on whether they attended your webinar, or not, or whether they bought your product/service or not, means that you can craft your messages so that that those email communications are more personalised and relatable, which will help improve conversions. In fact, Webinar Jam's webinar analytics gives you all the data you may need to give you that bird's eye view of how people are responding to your webinars so you can tweak and test new pre and post email sequences to improve your ROI.

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