Add These 3 Elements to Webinar Thank Pages For Higher ROI

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Simple Video Walk-Through on Setting Up Your Webinar Thank You Page


So what is a "Thank You for Registering for the Webinar" Page?

The webinar Thank You page is simply the confirmation page that your attendees see once they register for your webinar.

On the webinar Thank You page, you can display what ever content you like. You can display a video or not. Or for example, you could have a downloadable ebook as a free gift to show your appreciation to your registrants for registering for your webinar.

It's entirely up to you how you customise the Thank You page.

Example Webinar Thank You page

The thank you page that you see in the screenshot is the default “thank you” page that is generated by webinarjam's software platform. You can change the style and layout of the webinar thank you to one that best meets you needs.

Webinar Thank You Pages Have 3 Critically Important Components

As you can see from the screenshot, registrants get the url link to the live webinar and the opportunity to set up a reminder in their own calendar, or request an SMS reminder to their cell phone 15 minutes before the live broadcast, so they don't forget to attend.

And because this software platform is mobile compatible, even if a registrant is not at home or doesn't have access to a computer, they can watch the webinar directly on any mobile device. This ensures that no one misses the webinar because they are not at home at the time of the broadcast.

In a later video tutorial and article, I will explain in more detail why it’s important to keep communicating with your registrants between the time that they registered and the date and time of the actual webinar event and how you can set this up yourself in as little as a few minutes with no technical skills.

For now it is  important simply to note that having such things as the webinar link, functionality for scheduling the webinar to a registrants calendar, or to receive an SMS reminder, on the actual "Thank You" page, are all important for ensuring you get as many of your registrants as possible attend your live event. The simple reason being that a person that registers for your webinar does not necessarily mean that they will attend. There can be many reasons why people register but don't actually attend a live event, for example, a person may simply forget.

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