Build Customer Email Lists Automatically With Webinars

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Build Customer Email Lists with Webinars Autoresponder Integration (Video)


The problem with many webinar systems and services is that there is generally no easy way to build customer email lists without some way of integrating your webinars with an autoresponder service.

In other words you need to have the webinar service customised to allow you to capture registrants’ details and allow that information to then be added to your CRM or autoresponder service so you can build your customer list at the same time.

Fortunately, WebinarJam software solution with its integrated Google Hangout platform, makes this task very easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions within the Email Autoresponder Integration configuration dashboard and you're good to go. Here's how it works:

Webinar Software and Autoresponder integrationFirst, you simply enable this feature of collecting your registrants contact and email information by check-marking the "Add Registrants to Mailing List".

Then choose which autoresponder service you want to integrate with using the drop down list provided.

If the service you use is not in the drop down list simply select "other", then enter the html autoresponder code in the box provided for the service that you do use.

Once this is enabled, anyone who registers for your webinar will also be added to your mailing list, automatically. Which means that you are now building a targeted list of customers directly from the information of people registering for your event pretty much on autopilot.

Now that you have webinar autoresponder integration fully configured so people registering for your webinar are automatically added to your customer email list, the next step is to start communicating with those registrants and to make sure that they turn up to your live event.


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