Best Webinar Platform for Selling Products & Services

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Is there a best webinar platform, one that beats all others? Well, if we want to be truthful there probably isn't a best webinar platform because it depends on what your key objective for conducting a webinar, and how you wish to put it to use.

However, if you sell goods or services using webinars, or looking for a way to drive more traffic to your business's product offers with online webinars, then clearly you'll want a platform and service that provide you with the best tools to easily and seamlessly move your audience's attention from the webinar presentation to your product or service offer during the live webinar broadcast.

Best Webinar Platform for Selling Stuff the Easy Way


The challenge for many businesses and entrepreneurs  looking to sell products and services on live events is that with most webinar platforms to direct your attendees’ attention to a product offer, you have to give them a URL link inside the chat window first. Then your attendees have to either click on that url or copy and enter the url into their browser's address bar in order to see to see your offer. This takes them off your webinar window to another web page.

That's cumbersome and distracting to your viewers, not to mention you'll probably lose sales as a result.

With WebinarJam's system a top feature is the ability to have highly visible clickable "buy now" buttons right inside the attendee's browser window while you are broadcasting live.

These are referred to as “pop-ins” by the developers of this product because you can easily pop-in any product or service offer during live webinar broadcasts, right inside your attendees internet browser. Making it really easy to move your audience from your presentation to your offer at the exact moment of your choosing.

Set Up a Clickable Buy Now Buttons Inside the Webinar Window

Best webinar platform with clickale buy buttons inside the webinar window

Live Clickable Buttons Inside the Webinar Window

Setting up clickable buttons inside the webinar window is quick and simple. Simply add the relevant information to the "Pop-in Offer" section of the pre-configuration page inside the dashboard, such as:

  • the offer url link where attendees can buy your product or service,
  • Your call to action headline;
  • Your offer url image
  • Your call to action message

You can add as many offers as you like during the live broadcast. Simply set them up with webinarjam's system prior to the webinar broadcast and  even control exactly when those offers appear during the live broadcast. You have complete control.

The whole thing flows seamlessly during the live event and automatically with a click of the mouse. And because it integrates seamless with your audiences' web browser, live offers that appear right inside the webinar window will help increase your front end sales conversions on promoted products and services during the webinar.

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