Webinar Engagement Software for Maximising ROI

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Webinar Software For Improving Interaction & Engagment & better ROI

In this article we cover some of the features and tools at your disposal with the WebinarJam software platform for interacting with your attendees during live broadcasts, which will help you to be more engaging with your audiences so they become more receptive to buying from you which in turn will boost your webinar ROI.

webinar software showing how to improve engagement and ROI

The screenshot you see on the left is a split view: 1) the admin dashboard on the left as can be seen by an administrator, and 2) the attendees' webinar window, on the right that your audience will see.

Inside the chat tab of the dashboard area as seen on the right, you will see that there are 2 basic options:

  1. Enable public chat, and
  2. Enable private questions to the moderators, or you can simply disable both these options.

By check-marking the “enable public chat” box, your attendees can comment and ask questions in the chat box that you see on the right, and you will be able read those messages and privately reply to each, if you want, in the admin dashboard as seen in the left view of the image.

Attendees can choose to send messages publicly or privately to the administrator.

you can add mportant sticky messages to the top of the chat boxAdministrators can also set a message as a sticky message so that it appears and remains at the top of the chat area where it is most visible.

In the example in the image provided, attendees are notified by a sticky message that the webinar will be starting shortly.

You can also send your attendees surveys during the live broadcast in order to gather more information about your attendees and those that have expressed an interested in your product or service.

This is particularly useful for example, for finding out exactly what your current audience is interested in. This could be very helpful to you in developing a new product or service offer, or perhaps for making changes to your existing offers or services to make changes to your products and services so they are more aligned to what your target market actually wants.

You can also set up a redirect to any url of your choosing. This gives you control to redirect your attendees to any page on the web without them having to do anything or having to remember a url link.

You have the option to have the redirection web page open within your attendees' current browser window, or open in an entirely new tab.

So for example, maybe at the end of the live webinar broadcast you want to send your attendees to a particular offer page.

To set up simply add the url link of where you want your attendees to be sent at the end of the webinar, then checkmark the box inside your admin dashboard to confirm that you want the redirection page to open in a new tab, or in the attendees' current browser window.

And that's it, you're done! It really is that easy!

WebinarJam is a constantly evolving webinar software platform. It is cloud based, which means the development team can work on new features & tools & roll them out to all customers on a regular basis without you having to worry about having your customers download the latest software in order to be able to continue to access your webinars.

If you're looking for a webinar system that grows and developments with your business then you might want to check out the 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee that you automatically get should you wish to try out the service. Which means you can try it out for a full 30 days with no risk as the product vendor offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

So if for any reason you are not 100% happy with the webinar service just ask for a refund and a refund will be provided, no questions asked.

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