Webinar Jam Studio Review 2017

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It's been just under 24 months that Webinar Jam introduced it's new webinar and web video conferencing software platform (it's Studio update) to the market and in so doing broke new ground in what is possible with live broadcasts on the web.

In this article Webinar Jam Studio review, we closely examine the newer updated and upgraded webinar software app by Webinarjam, which is not to be mistaken for their evergreen automated software service called EverWebinar.

The new webinar kid on the block created quite a stir in the marketing world when it first launched particularly among those savvy few webinar experts heavily dependant on webinars in their business.

So what's the take on the new features and latest updates? Let's take a look....

Comprehensive Webinar Jam Studio Demo Video

 New Webinar Jam Studio Developments For 2017 (Hot off the Press!)

The developers of the webinarjam service recently announced the imminent release of a brand new version of the Webinar Jam service with a slew of new features that are expected to be available to all customers in the second quarter of this year.

So here's what we can expect in the new Webinarjam for 2017:

1. No More Google Hangouts!

webinarjam software without Google HangoutsBy far the biggest most seismic revelation was Webinarjam's announcement that it was no longer going to be using Google Hangouts to host and broadcast webinars.

Instead, they have completely rebuilt the platform's infrastructure, which they've called JamSession Engine. The JamSession Engine will now power, host and broadcast webinars via Amazon's super fast and crisp clear Cloudfront servers.

What does this mean?

Well, simply it means you get super fast, reliable connectivity and crisp clear visual broadcasting signal for your webinars making for a better end-user experience. And no more frustrating downtime when Google makes an unannounced update to its Hangouts app, which can cause things to break in Webinar Jam.

You can watch Andy Jenkins' video below for more information on this.

It also means that you'll be able to have greater choice of presentation style. For example, whereas before with the old Hangout system you'd have the speaker on screen and the numerous thumbnails of those attending at the bottom of the screen. Now you'll be able to do a quad split screen, a split-screen or a picture and picture presentation screen. In other words, much more control on how attendees see your screen and webinar presentation.

2. Smart Page Builder Technology

You may be familiar with Smart Page Builders from other cutting edge platforms - the ability to customise your page design by simply dragging and dropping key elements of a web page. So now you will be able to tailor the look of your pages to your specific design requirements.

For those that are not web developers, programmers or technically savvy, this will be a true god send, eliminating much of the stress and frustration in building out customised Registration Pages, Thank You pages and Replay pages to your specifications.

Of course you don't need to customise your pages if you don't want.

Webinar Jam Studio provides a large selection of templates that you can simply choose from; a great feature if you need to get your webinar up fast! …but keep reading there's more about fast webinar set up below.

3. Even More Professionally Designed Templates to Choose From

The service already has a large selection of templates that you can choose from - you can read more and see some example Webinarjam Registration Page templates here. And the nice thing about the webinar template selection is that they come with some performance stats so you can choose the registration page that is getting the best conversions as measured against all webinars that broadcast through the webinarjam platform.

4. Webinar Lock & Key Feature

If you need to lock down access to your webinars to selected attendees, now you can with passwords that you can either uniquely generate for each attendee or provide one master password that all attendees can use. A great feature if you have valuable content that you want to strictly control for example to just your paying members or clients. Not to be confused however, with setting up payment gateways.

5. Cloud Based Slide Presentations

One of the biggest challenges for all webinar systems is that they eat up large amounts of bandwidth that can cause visually poor broadcasts of your webinar presentation or can slow, freeze or even drop a webinar completely.

So if you have large slide presentations that need to open in Powerpoint, Keynote or some other software presentation tool to share with your audience, this may impact the quality or sharpness of your webinar presentation.

This problem is eliminated with Slides from the Cloud feature that will allow you to upload your PPT, keynote, Word Doc, Excel, PDF, CSV files and more to Webinarjam's servers. You will then be able to control your presentation from right inside the admin dashboard where you will have easy and complete control. So now you want have to use any of your own bandwidth to display your slides.

You will even be able to share documents with your audience such as hand-outs, brochures, checklists and more. Simply upload the document to the cloud to share with your audience during the live presentation.

6. Even More 3rd Party App Integration

One of the key signs of a quality, professional and well supported webinar service is the degree to which it integrates with third party app services and how many respected third party companies have made it click simple to integrate Webinarjam with its own service.

Webinarjam Studio integrates with many of the top applications online such as Leadpages, infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, Zapier and SalesForce to name a few.

You will also be able to seamlessly integrate with Facebook Live video to stream webinars live via Facebook. A very exciting feature and more information will follow on this as soon as it becomes available.

7. Express Jam - the 15 Second Webinar Set Up With Just 3 Clicks

Need to set up a webinar fast? Well now you will be able to with this super fast 3-click and you're ready to broadcast ExpressJam feature.

As a newbie to Webinars or just new to Webinarjam, it can be deeply frustrating setting up your first webinar because of all the various initial setup steps that you need to go through to get your account ready for webinar broadcasting. So this feature will be incredibly helpful if you're just starting out.

In addition, you have the ability to save set-up preferences so that you won't have to ever do it again and again. Just simply select one of your saved set-up preferences and you'll be good to go. This will be a huge time saver.

You can watch the video below to learn more.

Andy Jenkins Talking About the New WebinarJam 2017 Session Engine Platform

Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins' Keynote on Webinar Jam Studio

In the keynote, webinar product developers, Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins of WebinarJam revealed 7 new powerful STUDIO features that are available in their new updated and upgraded Webinar Jam Studio software service, which we've summarised below.

We think you'll agree that their new platform literally re-defines what a webinar is and how it can be used to make your web presentations more engaging & to make more sales during live broadcasts - that if you're looking to offer to sell a product or service during the live broadcast.

Webinarjam Studio Review 2017 - Keynote Presentation

Webinarjam founder's Keynote Address

When we first took a look at and reviewed the original Webinar Jam platform, we speculated that because they predicated on Google's powerhouse platform, Google Hangouts, Webinar Jam service's would have to  'continually evolve and make available new ways to connect with online audiences' in order to keep up with any changes that Google makes.

However, to be honest we were taken aback at the level of new innovation, in particular how you can now engage and interact with webinar attendees in ways never before possible. And the Webinarjams' latest announcement that it was departing from Google Hangouts entirely was an unexpected yet welcome developments because of the various issues that the company had with using Hangouts as its Webinar foundation.

Webinar Jam Studio has taken the webinar concept and morphed it to deliver network broadcast features and quality.

And yet incredibly, despite all these amazing additional tools, the product owners have somehow still kept it very user friendly and as non technical as possible - perfect for busy business owners who don't have the luxury of time to spend on learning new tools.

Let us now summarise these new innovations and how it may help you to exploit webinars more effectively in your business….

You can then decide for yourself whether it is worth your while to check out the full story, perhaps even take the software out for a test ride by taking advantage of the free trial or $1 trial that is often available. Also learn also about some of the other very enticing free bonuses that have been included (some for launch week only) so you can make a firm decision if this is a right fit for you  .

1. Attendee Spotlight

This amazing feature allows a webinar administrator to invite ANY webinar attendee to become a guest, host or presenter at any time during the broadcast.

Did I mention that webinarjam delivers network broadcast features?

Well, with this Spotlight feature you get personal broadcasting deliverability.

Imagine being able to invite anyone in the audience, for example you may want to interview your prospects to answer their specific questions or objections, or perhaps to ask them why they bought, or what they liked most about your product.

Instantly you create authority and earn trust. What better way to sell your product or service than with live social proof. I think you'll agree that there's no easier way to sell something than to get others to do it for you!

Attendee Spotlight will work extremely well in webinars for the following broadcasting styles :

  • Q&A
  • Coaching
  • Hands-On Training
  • Guest Appearances
  • Demonstrations
  • Testimonials
  • Hot Seats

So now you can instantly boost engagement with your audiences and make it that much more engaging than a simple talking heads or powerpoint presentation ever can.

It's really easy to set up and literally within a couple of seconds you can be speaking with someone live in the audience, sharing their web cam……that's if they want to share their webcam of course.

2. Video Engine For Hybrid Webinars


Video Engine feature to conduct hybrid webinars

Use a pre-recorded video in your live webinar

On a good webinar, you're going to demonstrate your product or service, you're going to teach, you're going to interact and make offers, & ultimately sell things live on the webinar.

Most video conferencing tools on the market allow you to do that using your web camera, your presentation software and by screen-sharing with your audience.

But here's how Webinar Jam Studio is different:

Imagine being able to craft and present, as a live broadcast, your perfect highly polished demonstration with no errors or technical problems. Or your best sales offers, pitch and closes with no mistakes.

With Video Engine, you can now repeat that perfect presentation on every encore webinar you do.

All you have to do is start up your live broadcast. Do your meet and greets. Press play on a pre-recorded video, to broadcast that perfect pre-recorded presentation. Then at the end, jump back in for the live Q&A.

So now you can do away with those bad hair-day live presentations and instead produce your perfect pitch every time.

This is like having your own personal On-Demand TV Studio.

Here's how this works.

You can pre-load up to 5 videos with HD quality and High fidelity audio. Press play in the admin dashboard and it plays On Demand any time you choose with a small timer display that alerts you how long that video is going to last.

It also automatically mutes your mic and shuts off your webcam until you go back to Live screen mode at the end of the video.

Video Engine alone will be incredibly useful in teaching & demonstration style webinars.

Or how about playing a video recording of a customer testimonial explaining how happy they are with your product or service.

….It's entirely up to you what pre-recorded video you want to introduce into your live broadcast.

3. Active Offers Display with Urgency Timer

Active Offers Display with countdown timer features

How many units sold display

With the original Webinar Jam you can inject Add To Cart, Buy Now and other calls-to-action Buttons right inside your attendees' webinar window.

This did away with the clunky coping and pasting of URL links into the chat box or asking your attendees to go to a link that's shown on their screen. It also did away with you having to constantly answer attendee questions on where they need to go in order to get your offer.

By itself this was a great innovation in the original Webinar Jam version.

However, the Studio version has now added 2 very cool new tools to inject urgency and scarcity to your live offers.

So now you can create urgency and scarify just like with QVC?

The thing is that when an event or an offer is about to end conversions tend to increase because of urgency and scarcity.

So here's how it works:

As with the original version of Webinarjam you get complete control of when to inject clickable calls to action during your presentation right inside the webinar window, where your audience can click away to their hearts content.

But now you also have the ability to add a countdown display that tells your audience that your offer is going away when the timer hits zero.

Plus, you can include the Active Units Display which tells your audience in real time how many units of your special offer are remaining.

You can set this up to work automatically with a snippet of code that you simply copy and paste onto your Thank You page or your Shopping Cart pages.

Alternatively, you can simply adjust the unit display manually…

..the point is that you have complete control of what your audiences sees.

Imagine how much more engaged your prospects will be when they can see these measurements right on their screen, and the incredible positive effect this will have on your sales conversions.

Without doubt this one feature is going to have a massive impact on conversions on webinar front-end offers.

4. Feedback Flow

WebinarJam Studio's Feedback Flow feature

Illustrating the Feedback Flow Feature

Ok, in no particular order of importance, the forth innovation is the trade marked Feedback Flow, which injects a whole new level of engagement to webinars...

This is just such an awesome idea.

So here's what Feedback Flow is.

Imagine during your live Q&A, if you could display a key question right inside the audiences' webinar window with just a click of a button.

And what if you could then answer that question, right on the screen where your whole audience can see it.

But why stop there?

What if you could display audience feedback as a way of socially promoting your product. For example, you see an attendee's comment in the chat box saying that they just purchased and can't wait to get access to your product.

With a click of a button you can display that message right on the screen where the whole audience can see it.

That's powerful social proof and engagement which I have no doubt will create huge conversion spikes.

The moderator can display any Feedback Flow text on screen at any time, whether that's to confirm that the webinar is being recorded or just an awesome comment from a member of the audience, or perhaps you could even display a hashtag.

And…. remember when I mentioned that you can copy and paste a snippet of code to your "Thank You for Registering" pages for when someone buys your product?

well the same code can also be used to then automatically add a comment on the live webinar screen to say that another attendee has just purchased.

Now that's how you earn credibility with social proof. It's just such a powerful feature.

5. Jams On-Demand Marketplace

The Webinar Jam on-demand marketplace for recorded & live webinars

Live & Recorded Webinar Marketplace

We like this next next innovation and we think you will too. It's called Jams On-Demand Marketplace.

This gives your webinars a brand new stream of traffic, a growing tribe of consumers who love learning and buying from webinars.

So now when you set up your webinar for live broadcast, your upcoming webinar is added to the Jams On-Demand marketplace, where anyone searching through the marketplace can register for your event.

And to boost this whole new innovation, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are going to be looking to do deals with media outlets to make sure that the On-Demand marketplace becomes a recognised destination for great content.

And for you SEO junkies, the Jams On-Demand Marketplace will be another great back link source for your SEO campaigns

And if that wasn't enough, your webinar recordings will also be added to the On-Demand Marketplace where it can be picked up by organic traffic looking for what you have to offer.

Of course if you are a coach or perhaps deliver consulting services via webinars, you'll probably want to keep your sessions private. No problem. As with the old Webinar Jam platform, you simply click the privacy option in the admin dashboard and you're good to go.

Also, you'll find an affiliate link below the live and recorded webinars, inside the Jam On-Demand Marketplace, that anyone interested in promoting your webinars as an affiliate can click on the link to find out more……. a little bit like Click Bank.

6. Replica Replay

The Replica Replay innovation takes the evergreen webinar concept and redesigns it so that instead of just getting the recording, you get the recording with all the features you'd expect on a live webinar:

  • Replays are presented in a webinar window just like the live broadcast.
  • You get the original community chat along with the replay, so now you can emulate the buzz of that live broadcast.
  • You get all the features that we discuss above also emulated and live during your Replica Replay, so so that's the Feedback Flow, the buyer alerts, Video Engine injections, your Active Offers with urgency timers and unit displays, etc.

It includes everything to replicate the original broadcast giving a whole new meaning to encore webinar presentation.

7. The Studio Control Center

The webinar Studio Control Center

All the controls in one window

This is the powerful new control Center for WebinarJam Studio that gives you even more control of what's happening in your webinars as it happens.

When things go live and you have a large audience buzzing with exiting, asking lots of questions and generally interacting with you, things can get a bit busy and on occasion feel somewhat chaotic.

With the new Studio Control Center, everything can be broken down into manageable tabs so you know exactly what's happening as it happens without feeling overwhelmed.

The idea is pretty simple, you just take all the information that's coming at you during a webinar, break it down into manageable bits, which you can then assign off to different individuals to manage if you wish. And these different segments can be viewed on different computers for ease of use.

Webinar Jam Studio - The Ideal Target Market

So who is this product designed for?

On close inspection of the main features and benefits of the new platform, this new product will clearly work very well with the following types of businesses or individuals.

In fact, it would be safe to say that it will work well with pretty much anyone who is looking to sell products or services online or to reach a wider audience live broadcasts. You see live broadcasts through Hangouts, which Google owns, tend to get better rankings in Youtube. And when you throw some backlinks at your recorded webinars which are posted on Youtube & Google + (if you want them to be), many times you can also get those same videos to rank in Google too.

Good examples of businesses that Webinar Jam Studio will work well for are product owners, teachers, coaches, public speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, SME businesses, and of course marketers.

WebinarJam Studio Review

Webinar Jam Studio Pre-Launch Bonuses / Discounts

1. EverWebinar

This is an EverGreen Webinar software product produced by Mike & Andy) - you get this FREE for 1 year (value $297)

2. Webinar Genesis

This is an exhaustive Webinar Genesis webinar training program on everything you need in order to make webinar a success for your business (value - $497)

3. Kartra.com

3 months free access to the new Kartra.com shopping cart. This product is Andy Jenkin & Mike Filsaime's reinvention of the shopping cart (value $300). We looked at some of the things that this shopping cart can do. You'll be amazed at what you can do with this new shopping cart and something that you should seriously take a look at if you currently use online shopping carts in your business.

So, if you want to get Webinar Jam Studio as a free upgrade at the current low Webinar Jam price, don't delay, click the link now and catch the full Keynote presentation to learn more before its pulled down for good.

N.B* Webinar Jam Studio's Pre-Launch Bonuses Are No Longer Available - Click Here For The Current Available Bonuses & Discounts